Petflix Mug - The Good Place

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The perfect accessory for your morning coffee or night-time, TV-bingeing whiskey, this mug is sturdy, durable, and microwave and dishwasher safe. Each character is depicted in vivid color and detail!

• Ceramic mug
• Dishwasher and microwave safe
• White and glossy
• Available in 11oz or 15oz mug

Includes 4 characters from the 'The Good Place' Petflix Series:

• Chidi Anagonye (Chidi Anacondaye)
• Eleanor Shellstrop (Gazelleanor Shellstrop)
• Tahani Al-Jamil (Cheetahani Al-Jamil)
• Jason Mendoza (Jason Llamandoza)

NOTE: Computer-generated pictures of the mugs may be slightly blurry. Printed mugs have crisp, clear images of each character.

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