Cat? Cactus? CATCUS!! 

Decorating your new home, but can't decide between cats and succulents as a theme? Well now you don't have to, because this series checks both boxes in a real-life case of 1+1=3. CATcus features 24 different species of cacti, each illustrated as a cat! Illustrated digitally, this collection lends itself perfectly to the home, so you'll find mostly home goods available for this series.

If you don't have a Cowboy's Red Whiskers CATcus magnet looking at you from your fridge, are you REALLY living your fullest life?

Ah Ha Brands

Catcus Magnet


Cats? Cactus? CATCUS! Enjoy these adorable, punny cats as cacti. Magnets are 2.25" round. List of Catcus included: Red // Saguaro Cactus Yellow // San Pedro Cactus Blue // Cowboy's Red Whiskers Catcus Teal // Cathedral Cactus Green //...

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