Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about our products, process, etc. Feel free to Contact Us with any questions that aren't listed on this page.

Q Do you sell your products wholesale to retailers?

A YES! We love spreading the pun. Please visit our Wholesale Information Page for more details.

Q Do you have a physical location?

A As of right now, we do not have a physical store -- only the pun workshop. If you'd like to come say hello in person, please consider attending one of our events throughout the year in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Q This is a lot of puns... are you ok?

A Probably? Can't say for certain.

Q Where does the art come from?

A All of the artwork is produced in-house at Ah Ha Brands by Zach Bluett. If you meant that question in more of a philosophical way, the answer involves good beer, better friends, and an intrigue with wordplay.

Q Where and how do you make your products?

A Well it depends on the products. If possible, and practical, products are made in the United States. Most of the paper products and wall art are produced in-house or at our favorite local print shop Fireball Printing. Other products are made over seas, either due to complexity or cost of production.

Q What's the best way to see new products as they arrive?

A The two best ways are to follow @ahhabrands on either Facebook or Instagram, or to sign up for our Monthly Newsletter. We try to keep it light and fun, show you some of the process, and get you some good deals!

Q What are your personal favorites?

A Well, the PreZOOdents started it all, and will probably always be my favorite. Living in Philly, I also love the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia characters from the Petflix Series. But I'm more interested in your favorites! Let me know!

Q Do you offer returns or refunds?

A At this time, returns are only accepted for damaged or defective products, NOT for new, undamaged products. As a small business, we simply do not have the resources to manage a full return process. Please review products carefully before making a purchase! See our Return Policy for more information.
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