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Custom 'Wild Idol' Punny Animal Print

Are you looking for a punny animal portrait of a celebrity, but don't see the one you want in the listings? No worries, you can now order a custom Wild Idol portrait of any celebrity, character, politician, or historical figure!

Order Specifications

  • Your order will include (1) 5"x7" print, (1) 8"x10" print, and the original 5"x7" artwork.
  • Original Artwork is 5"x7"
  • No physical frames included
  • Typically takes 2-3 weeks for completion, depending on the artist's schedule

Artwork Details

  • Each portrait will include an illustrated 'frame' as in the listing images
  • Illustrated in Ink and Watercolor on 140lb Premium Cold Press Watercolor Paper
  • Unless a specific pun is requested, the artist will choose the pun (you're in good hands!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I request?

This listing is specifically for FAMOUS people.  DO NOT place an order for a personal commission using this listing!

Why can I only request celebrities?

To be perfectly honest, these sorts of commissions are not particularly profitable for artists like myself. The artwork takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention materials and brainpower. So my intent with the 'Wild Idols' series is to grow a list of punny animal characters that are popular enough that I can re-sell prints of the work to other interested customers! Not many people are going to want to buy prints of your best friend Abby Hailstrom illustrated as 'Abby Snailstrom,' a snail, unfortunately. But I bet lots of people love the same pop icons, historical figures, and characters that you love, too!

I already get a lot of requests for specific celebrities, and I wanted a convenient way for my followers to make those requests a reality. So here we are! 

If you would like to request a custom commission for a friend, family member, pet, etc, please reach out via our contact page to discuss in more detail.

Can I request a specific pun / animal?

Sure! Just add a note in the Options above. We'll talk more if the artist would prefer a different approach. 

Can I make a request for other specifics, like the clothes, background or frame in the portrait?

Sure! Just add a note in the Options above. We'll talk more if the artist would prefer a different approach. 

What do I get in the order?

Not only will you get 5"x7"(1) and 8"x10"(1) prints of the final illustration, in this listing you will also receive the ORIGINAL art work!

Terms & Conditions

Inappropriate material of any kind will not be tolerated. I'm all for humor, but I will not tolerate sexism, racism, bigotry, etc. If you think it's borderline, best not to ask.

Refunds will not be issued for this product, unless your request is refused by Ah Ha Brands.

Ah Ha Brands has the right to refuse and/or refund for any request. If refused, a full refund will be issued to the customer. 

Ownership: I retain ownership and the right to re-sell this artwork or any of it's components. This artwork may not be reproduced without express written consent. (But, of course, post away on social media!)

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