Phoebe Boufferret / Phoebe Bouffay / Friends Petflix Art Print

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Petflix Series - Phoebe Buferret / Phoebe Buffay of Friends - Punny ferret portrait

The Petflix Series is a collection of punny animal portraits of TV show characters! 

This is a High-Quality Print, not an original

  • Ink and Watercolor Illustration Series
  • Prints available 5" x 7" or 8" x 10"
  • Printed on 37lb - 60lb Premium Matte Paper (depending on size of print)
  • One of six (6) characters available
  • Frames NOT included
  • Ships in 1-3 Business Days

Other characters included in the Friends Petflix collection (each available in the shop):

- Ross Geller (Ross GULLer)
- Rachel Green (RaCHIHUAHUA Green)
- Phoebe Buffay (Phoebe BufFERRET)
- Joey Tribbiani (JoWEASEL Tribbiani)
- Monica Geller (MoniCAT Geller)
- Chandler Bing (Chandler WALLABYng)

More characters from other TV Shows also available / coming soon! We're always adding to the Petflix collection. If you'd like to see characters from a particular show, please reach out!

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