PreZOOdents Postcard 12-Pack

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12 Favorites from the PreZOOdent series as a set of Punny Postcards. Make a friend or family member's day by sending them a PreZOOdents postcard!

  • 12 High-Quality Print Postcards
  • PLUS one 'overview' postcard
  • Sent in a clear plastic sleeve
  • 80lb one-sided Glossy with UV Varnish
  • Ships in 3-5 business days!

12 PreZOOdents Included:

John Adams (John Catams) - Cat
Thomas Jefferson (Thomas Girafferson) - Giraffe
Andrew Jackson (Pandarew Jackson) - Panda
Abraham Lincoln (Cobraham Lincoln) - Cobra / Snake
Theodore Roosevelt (Teddy Kangaroosevelt) - Kangaroo
Woodrow Wilson (Woodrowl Wilson) - Owl
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Franklin Roostervelt) - Rooster / Chicken
John Fitzgerald Kennedy (John F Raccoonedy) - Raccoon
Barack Obama (Barack Ollama) - Lllama
Betsy Ross (Batsy Ross) - Bat
Benjamin Franklin (Benjamin Froglin) - Frog
Alexander Hamilton (Alexander Camelton) Camel

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