Zooseum Punny Animal Artist Coloring Book

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The Zooseum Coloring Book includes all 54 of the Zooseum artists as coloring book page outlines. Perfect for all ages!

- 8.5" x 11" pages (17" x 11" spread)
- Perfect bound (has a spine)
- Printed double-sided on 70 lb uncoated paper for all coloring media
- Cover printed on 100 lb uv-coated glossy cover paper
- Includes some information on each artist, including full name, birth and death dates, nationality, and featured art title and date.

Included Artists: 

Andy Warthog - Andy Warhol
Asper Johns - Jasper Johns
Banksea Horse - Banksy
Beary Cassatt - Mary Cassatt
Cheetah Kahlo - Frida Kahlo
Cowavaggio - Caravaggio
Dingo Rivera - Diego Rivera
Edgorilla Degas - Edgar Degas
Edouard Manatee - Edouard Manet
Edward Hopper (Rabbit) - Edward Hopper
Eelma af Klint - Hilma af Klint
El Gecko - El Greco
Georges Squirrelat - Georges Seurat
Gerbil O'Keefe - Georgia O'Keeffe
Giraffael - Raphael Sanzio
Grant Woodpecker - Grant Wood
Goosetav Klimt - Gustav Klimt
Hammerheadvard Munch - Edvard Munch
Helen Frogenthaler - Helen Frankenthaler
HENri de Toulouse-Lautrec - Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Henri Mantisse - Henri Matisse
Heronymus Bosch - Hieronymus Bosch
Hippaul Klee - Paul Klee
Ian Dovenport - Ian Davenport
Janet Fish - Janet Fish
Jay MW Turner - JMW Turner
Jean-Michel Batsquiat - Jean-Michel Basquiat
Johannes Vermeerkat - Johannes Vermeer
Kara Narwhalker - Kara Walker
Kehinde Whaley - Kehinde Wiley
Koala Monet - Claude Monet
Lionardo da Vinci - Leonardo da Vinci
Mark Slothko - Mark Rothko
Minkelangelo - Michelangelo
M Seal Escher - MC Escher
Norman Crockwell - Norman Rockwell
Owlbrecht Durer - Albrecht Durer
Pablo Pigasso - Pablo Picasso
Paul Ceswanne - Paul Cezanne
Paul Gullguin - Paul Gauguin
Piet Salmondrian - Piet Mondrian
Prairie-Doguste Renoir - Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Rambrandt - Rembrandt
Rene Llamagritte - Rene Magritte
Roy Lynxenstein - Roy Lichtenstein
Salvadeer Dali - Salvador Dali
Sheepard Fairey - Shepard Fairey
Vincent van Goat - Vincent Van Gogh
Walrusy Kandinsky - Wassily Kandinsky
Willem de Raccooning - Willem de Kooning
Winslug Homer - Winslow Homer
Woodchuck Close - Chuck Close
Yakoi Kusama - Yayoi Kusama
Yakson Pollock - Jackson Pollock


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