Petflix Punny Animal TV Show Characters Poster

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A large poster of the Petflix characters featuring 8 TV comedies. This chart-style poster includes 48 punny animal portraits of popular comedy TV show characters spanning the last 2 decades. Whether you love classics like Friends and Seinfeld, to newer masterpieces like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and It's Always Sunny, this poster will capture your heart and imagination. Perfect for coffee shops, bedrooms, and entryways, or give your guests something to laugh at while in the WC. 


  • 18" x 24"
  • Printed on high quality 100lb Gloss Text w/ Aqueous Coating
  • Ships in a sturdy cardboard tube
  • Shipping is FREE (Over $20)
  • Frame is NOT included

Included shows and characters:

The Office

  • Jim Halpert (Jimpala Halpert)
  • Pam Beesly (Pam Beaversly)
  • Toby Flenderson (Toby Flounderson)
  • Michael Scott (Michael Scoctopus)
  • Dwight Schrute (Dwight Shrewte)
  • Andy Bernard (Andy St. Bernard)


  • Ross Geller (Ross Guller)
  • Rachel Green (Rachihuahua Green)
  • Chandler Bing (Chandler Wallabyng)
  • Monica Geller (Monicat Geller)
  • Phoebe Bouffay (Phoebe Boufferret)
  • Joey Tribbiani (Joweasel Tribbiani)

Parks and Recreation

  • Leslie Knope (Leslie Knopposum)
  • Ron Swanson (...still Ron Swanson)
  • Andy Dwyer (Orangutandy Dwyer)
  • April Ludgate (April Pugate)
  • Anne Perkins (Pelicanne Perkins)
  • Tom Haverford (Tom Haverfox)

30 Rock

  • Jack Donaghy (Jackal Donaghy)
  • Liz Lemon (Lizard Lemon)
  • Kenneth Parcell (Henneth Parcell)
  • Frank Rossitano (Frank Moosetano)
  • Tracey Jordan (Trasea Horsen)
  • Jenna Maroney (Jenna Macrowney)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

  • Jake Peralta (Jake Viperalta)
  • Amy Santiago (Pomeramyan Santiago)
  • Terry Jeffords (Beary Jeffords)
  • Captain Holt (Captain Colt)
  • Rosa Diaz (Rosa Beeaz)
  • Charles Boyle (Chow Chows Boyle)


  • Jerry Seinfeld (Jerry Swinefeld)
  • Elaine Benes (Elion Benes)
  • George Costanza (George Orcastanza)
  • Frank Costanza (Frank Geckostanza)
  • Kramer (Craner)
  • Newman (Newtman)

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  • Charlie Kelly (Charlie Quaily)
  • Frank Reynolds (Frank Rhinolds)
  • Dennis Reynolds (Dennass Reynolds)
  • Dee Reynolds (Dee Wrenolds)
  • Mac (Yak)
  • Cricket (...still just Cricket)

Arrested Development

  • George Michael Bluth (George Mako Bluth)
  • Michael Bluth (Micamel Bluth)
  • Lindsay Bluth (Lindzebra Bluth)
  • Buster Bluth (Buzzard Bluth)
  • Gob Bluth (Flamngob Bluth)
  • Lucille Bluth (Luseal Bluth)

More shows and more characters are availa

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