PreZOOdents Punny Animal President Poster (18x24)

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The full PreZOOdents series as an awesome poster! From George Washington (George WASPington) and Thomas Jefferson (Thomas GIRAFFErson) to Barack Obama (Barack oLLAMA) and Joe Biden (Joe Bison), this poster will be a big hit with friends and family! Perfect for classrooms and offices alike.



  • 18" x 24"
  • Printed on high quality 100lb Gloss Text w/ Aqueous Coating
  • Ships in a sturdy cardboard tube
  • Frame is NOT included
  • Free Shipping! (When Included on Orders Over $20)

Each Poster includes all 46 United States Presidents. Does NOT include additional founding figures.


While it would be MUCH MORE FUN to get this poster and discover each animal pun for yourself, if you are impatient, check out all of the PreZOOdents here in the shop, or read below a full list of each punny president, and their animals:

George Washington (George Waspington) - Wasp
John Adams (John Catams) - Cat
Thomas Jefferson (Thomas Girafferson) - Giraffe
James Madison (James Ratison) - Rat
James Monroe (James Salmonroe) - Salmon
John Quincy Adams (John Squidsy Adams) - Sqiud
Andrew Jackson (Pandarew Jackson) - Panda
Martin Van Buren (Martin Van Boaren) - Boar
William Henry Harrison (Eeliam Henry Harrison) - Eel
John Tyler (John Tiger) - Tiger
James Knox Polk (James Hippolk) - Hippo
Zachary Taylor (Yakary Taylor) - Yak
Millard Fillmore (Mallard Fillmore) - Mallard / Duck
Franklin Pierce (Franklin Deerce) - Deer
James Buchanan (James Toucanon) - Toucan
Abraham Lincoln (Cobraham Lincoln) - Cobra / Snake
Andrew Johnson (Elephantrew Johnson) - Elephant
Ulysses S. Grant (Ewelysses S Grant) - Ewe / Sheep
Rutherford B Hayes (Slugerford B Hayes) - Slug
James Garfield (James Jaguarfield) - Jaguar
Chester Alan Arthur (Chester Alan Otter) - Otter
Grover Cleveland (Gopher Cleveland) - Gopher / Groundhog
Benjamin Harrison (Benjamin Bearison) - Bear
William McKinley (WIlliam Chipmunkinley) - Chipmunk
Theodore Roosevelt (Teddy Kangaroosevelt) - Kangaroo
William Taft (Whaleium Taft) - Whale
Woodrow Wilson (Woodrowl Wilson) - Owl
Warren Harding (Warren Sharking) - Shark
Calvin Coolidge (Calvin Muleidge) - Mule / Horse
Herbert Clark Hoover (Herbert Shrewver) - Shrew
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Franklin Roostervelt) - Rooster / Chicken
Harry S. Truman (Harry Trumanatee) - Manatee
Dwight Eisenhower (Dwight D Flysenhower) - Fly
John Fitzgerald Kennedy (John F Raccoonedy) - Raccoon
Lyndon B Johnson (Lion B Johnson) - Lion
Richard Nixon (Richard Lynxon) - Lynx
Gerald Ford (Hareld Ford) - Hare / Rabbit / Bunny
Jimmy Carter (Jimmy Macawter) - Macaw
Ronald Wilson Reagan (Swanald Reagan) - Swan
George Herbert Walker Bush (George Herbert Hawker Bush) - Hawk
Bill Clinton (Bull Clinton) - Bull
George W Bush (George Doveya Bush) - Dove
Barack Obama (Barack Ollama) - Lllama
Donald Trump (Dodonald Trump) - Dodo
Joe Biden (Joe Bison) - Bison


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